As Mayor, I will continue to champion Unity in Community. Progress, Protection and Sustainability are key as we build on the achievements of our past, honor our history and together, create a future that includes all of us.

I love
Tarpon Springs!

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Food for thought....What do WE want Tarpon Springs to look like?

Positive change - the possibilities are endless!

                                                                               Possibilities become realities

  • Continue to preserve and grow our green space
  • We are a Walkable, Pedestrian friendly community
  • Thriving tourism continues to re-energize the downtown shopping district and Tarpon Springs beloved Sponge Docks
  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere encourage visitors to linger and enjoy their stay in our beautiful town!
  • A continued Renaissance of arts and culture in our community
  • We are a connected, healthy community where everyone can play a part in making us even better