Thank You Tarpon Springs for Your Support!
I have enjoyed serving you for the past 6 years!

Every vote really did count!

A vision for our future: Tarpon as a resilient, sustainable community, attracting new residents, and businesses as we grow more vibrant with each passing year!

Food for thought….What do WE want Tarpon Springs to look like?

Possibilities becoming realities!

  • Beautifying our natural resources and making our parks, waterways, and beaches even more breathtaking!
  • Pedestrian friendly community!
  • Thriving tourism re-energizing the downtown shopping district and Tarpon Springs beloved Sponge Docks!
  • A welcoming atmosphere encourage visitors to linger and enjoy their stay in our beautiful town!
  • A Renaissance of arts and culture in our community!
  • A “destination” that feels like “home”.¬† (Home is where your heart is!)